About – The LAW Swag



Hey Family!

Thanks so much for visiting The L.A.W. Swag! I'm Doctor T, the founder and creator of The L.A.W. Swag. I am so proud to be a Black Female owned company who is dedicated to spreading love in a world that needs more light. 

Our goal is to share a simple message of love by reminding people to use their voice in a positive way. We want our messages to be powerful, bold, and unapologetic. We know we can stand strong while sharing love and being committed to do that in a positive way.

I really believe that in the end, love will win and I want to do my part in helping to remind anyone who wears or sees the messages on our products that they can spread love and be proud and strong at the same time. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple reminder to prick someone's heart and remind them to spread love.

In Love,

Doctor T